Traffic Light Marketing


Traffic light — a good analogy for the relationships in your business.

RED LIGHT . . . these people have DIS-qualified themselves from being of further value to you.  They either cannot or will not provide you with opportunities for additional business in the future.  Or, they cannot or will not provide you with new referrals to people who could, presumably develop a need for your services in the future.  These people may be wonderful human beings.  The problem is, they cannot provide you with what you need to maintain your business — open cases and/or referrals.  You must delete them.  Make room for new and better people.

YELLOW LIGHT . . . these people have the potential — your call, of course — to be able to buy and/or refer you to others.  They may not be ready to do either one at the moment.  But if they are likely to develop a need for your services or would be able to refer you others or others to you, then you want them . . . and you’ll want to cultivate them until they do.

GREEN LIGHT . . . these people have a current need for your services.  They are, as they say in France, “Hot”.  Regardless of how the momentary need is resolved, if there’s future potential, continue to cultivate them for their future value.  If they don’t seem to have any (again, your call!) then . . . delete them.

Marketing is like a Traffic Light . . . Keep it Simple . . . Keep it Real