Captains Share Sage Advice

Each year, as the Discovery Channel’s award-winning program, “Deadliest Catch” ends another season, there’s a sort of ’roundtable’ of the captains of each ship.  The highs (and, lows) of the past season are reviewed, jokes are made at the expense of others and oneself.  In all, it’s a time for reflection, sharing and caring.

Last year, Phil Harris, the captain of the Cornelia Marie died.  This season, his two sons have committed to carry on the family tradition of crab fishing in the Bering sea — just as their father did before them.

But they’re new to being ‘in charge’.  They have a lot to learn.  So they brought on a captain to operate the boat and teach them the ropes.

At the roundtable, the other captains were asked by the host, “What do these new captains need to know to succeed?”  Each captain expressed pretty much the same idea – “First, learn to run the boat.  Then,  learn to run the business. They’re NOT the same thing.”

Operating as a practitioner is not the same thing as operating as a business owner!