D O M E . . . a Process for Planning


OK, so you know you want to use a process to plan what you’ll set a goal to do.   Here’s the process!

D = Diagnosis
Here you assess where your business IS NOW.  A journey starts with a single step and that step has to start somewhere.

O = Objective/s
Your Diagnosis will reveal things that need your attention.  Typically these are things that are keeping your business from becoming what you want it to be — your vision for it, if you will.

M = Methods
These are the means for achieving your goals.  This always requires actions.  And, when you create a group of actions designed to achieve a goal, you have an Action Plan.

E = Evaluation
As you implement your plan, you’ll want to periodically check your progress.  And, if your reality isn’t what you planned, you can make adjustments to put things ‘back on track’.  Little by little, step by step . . . that’s how you create success!

Plan to be successful . . . and use D O M E to plan effectively