Diagnosis . . . Where Are You NOW?


D = Diagnosis
Growing your business requires that you know 3 things:

Baselines . . . where is your business . . . today?
Projections . . . where do you want your business to be . . . in the future?
Discrepancies . . . what variations do you find as you use your plan?

“Is Now”
You start by establishing a baseline for how your business or practice is . . . today:

AREA 1: Personal
This includes your personal vision and goals that reflects your business as a success.

AREA 2: Organization
This means how effectively your business supports your people to produce the revenues that support your vision and dreams.

AREA 3: People
The difference between your people and your profits is their performance.  So who you have ‘on staff’ and what they offer is important to know.

AREA 4: Financial
In a way, financial is a two-part issue.  First, it’s about the numbers you need to support the vision you hold for yourself and your business. At another level, it’s about the decisions you’re making and actions you’re taking to market and sell your services.

Know where you’re starting from . . . find your baselines