Growing Your Business – Getting Started


Growing your business, and the revenues that suggests, begins with a clear assessment of your business as it is . . . NOW.

Goal-Setting is NOT The Same as Planning
A common mistake we see as business consultants is that clients confuse planning with goal-setting.  They are not the same.  Anyone can set a goal. And achieving it may or may not help you grow your business.  Only the goals that make your existing strengths more available to you are likely to generate growth.

Planning . . . Makes Your Goals Meaningful
While you can set a goal to do anything, you want to be aware of the risk of being busy at the expense of being productive. What makes you productive?  Achieving goals that remove ‘roadblocks’ on your pathway to being a more efficient and effective company.

For example . . . let’s say you have a product or service you offer.  It’s truly fantastic.  Competitors fear you!  That’s a strength.  But, your only salesperson just took a position in Atlanta.  What do you do, now?  Set a goal to improve your great service?  NO!  You set a goal to get a new salesperson, right?

Removing Roadblocks . . . Enable Strengths!