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To some, “PLAN” is a four-letter word.  That’s unfortunate.  To paraphrase a popular bumper-sticker, “If you think it’s tough to build a business with a plan, just try doing it without one!”.

As a consultant at LIMRA International, I facilitated a business planning process that enabled companies to seriously outperform their peers and competitors.  SERIOUSLY OUTPERFORM!

As the financial services’ trade association, we knew what every peer company was doing.

So it should be of interest to you to know that of nearly 60 companies using this planning process, when we pulled 5 firms at random and compared their growth against the growth rate of their own peers, the WORST performer was doing about 240% BETTER than their peers.  The BEST performer was doing almost 1,500% BETTER than its peers.  Today, it’s called The Profit Project™:

HOW did we do this?  Good question.  Look for more specific details in the coming days.

Planning is a critical factor in your business’ growth

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