Make a (Great) Offer!

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I was recently reminded that my worldly wisdom reflects a certain amount of insight into the ‘basics’ of what makes marketing effective. In this online, Google + world it IS nice to remember some of what makes the world go around and business happen.

The Offer Matters!
One basic of direct marketing is that you simply MUST . . . include an offer — an invitation to take some action assuming, of course, that your message is sufficiently relevant and provoking to generate a response.  Ernest Nicastro, a renowned copywriter and direct-marketing expert suggests some thoughts worthy of your consideration:

Reducing Risk Increases Response
Any offer that is both valuable and ‘FREE!’ is better than one that isn’t.
Marketing is a Two-Step Process
Seek first to generate a response, then seek to generate a sale — especially in a B2B world.
An Offer to Make Money Works Better than an Offer to Save Money
Especially true if you’re marketing to businesses more than consumers
Limited-Time Offers . . . Work!
Given a choice, qualified people will prefer to respond than lose out
Make Your Offer Compelling
You have little time and one ‘shot’ — make both count

Effective marketing invites ACTion from your prospects