Goals . . . Where You Want ‘To Be’


As you look at your business through the 4 ‘filters’ we discussed yesterday . . . a clearer sense of where you are  today will emerge.

Goals . . . What You Want ‘To Be’
Robert Browning knew about goals (“. . . else what’s a Heaven for?”) and you want them, too.  Why?  Because they help you bridge the difference between where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

Vision Goals . . . are goals that inspire you to achieve —  e.g. “Let’s win the SuperBowl!”
Milestone Goals . . . are goals that measure progress toward larger ones — e.g. “Let’s win the Divisional Championship”
Structural Goals . . . are goals you set to address factors that affect your success — e.g. “Let’s find a quarterback who can win games!”

Of the three, the highest utility value comes from Structural goals — because these kinds of goals improve the business structure that supports your success.

You’ll want to have goals to improve the ‘structure’ in each of the areas identified earlier

•  Personal
•  Organization
•  People
•  Financial

3 Kinds of Goals . . . All Good . . . if you use them