Planning Before Goal-Setting


You know, deep down, that when you plan to make something happen it’s more likely to happen than if you don’t plan.

Planning Isn’t Goal-Setting
But often people confuse setting goals with planning.  They are not the same thing.

Planning is a Process, Not a Practice
Don’t misunderstand, setting goals is a key part of planning.  But planning is different.  It’s bigger.  It’s a process, not a practice.  If you confuse goal-setting with planning, you risk being ‘busy’ rather than ‘productive’.  Here’s why.  Planning helps you identify what you want to set a goal to do.  If you don’t do the planning first, you may have a goal.  But it may not make you more productive.  Busy?  Oh yes.  But productive?  Maybe.

A Planning Process helps you find Goals worth achieving!