Service is a Differentiator

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Despite the image of today’s post, I am not being pessimistic. Quite the contrary, actually!

Today’s post is inspired by a conversation I had with a very competent and caring professional who has just decided to leave the firm he has been employed by for several years and start a practice as a solo-practitioner.

“Your Service Sucks!”
That’s essentially what this provider ‘s clients told him. OUCH!  But the ‘service’ was not what the provider did, it was what his firm’s ‘support system’ did.  Or, more accurately, what they did NOT do.  Errors in billings, delays in processing, apathetic attitudes, etc. all made working for this firm a ‘non-issue’.

The Good News of a Bad Service Experience
I told this provider that, while he won’t have the overhead of a big office and staff, he will be able to offer something the big firm can’t match — an ability to operate his practice in a manner that is not only client-centered but, as a result, more attractive to his target market of small business owners.

Service is a differentiator and makes you a ‘preferred provider’ if you offer it better than others!