The Secret Sauce of Growth


Yesterday we learned that you use goals to address factors that are limiting your growth. Let’s say you have a great product but no distribution system, you want to build a distribution system more than you want to improve your product.  (OK, you want to do that but think in terms of priorities!).

Enable Your Existing Strengths
A candid and thorough assessment of your current business operation will reveal a number of strengths you possess that can help you attract, serve and retain business with ideal clients for your business. Once you know what can help you do that, then  . . .

Set Goals To Reduce Limitations
You want to set goals to eliminate any factors that restrict your ability to use your existing strengths to attract, serve and retain ideal clients for your business.  As you saw yesterday, not having a way to generate sales (limitation) of your great product (strength) deserves a goal to change that situation — ASAP.

Reducing limitations enables strengths and supports growth