Ok, this may seem radical to suggest, but . . . do you have someone you’ve known for awhile . . . in the course of your business . . . whom you haven’t spoken to in some time?

If so, may I suggest you re-connect with them?  A phone call is best. An email will work, too. When you make contact, just ask:

• “How have you been?”
• “What’s happening in your world?”
• “What are you working on lately?”
• “How might I possibly help you?”
• “Who might I know that you’d like to meet?”

You’re sharp.  You probably picked up on the focus here. It’s not about you.  It’s about the person you re-connect with, OK?

What can happen when you do this?  Almost anything!  Mostly good.  I’ve had clients tell me they found work, referrals to people they’ve been trying to reach for months, insights they needed, answers to problems they hadn’t been able to solve . . . you get the idea, right?

Reconnect with people you haven’t talked to in awhile — good things await you when you do! 


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