Referrals, Referrals Where For Art Thou?


You love getting referrals, right?  So tell me, “Are you getting as many as you’d like?”  Most people tell me they A) love referrals but B) want more than they’re getting now.

Can you relate?   If so, I bet “too few referrals” isn’t reflecting a lack of desire on your part.  It’s more likely you lack a SYSTEM for getting referrals. Here’s what a ‘system’ for generating referrals will do for you . . .

Like Attracts Like. No one understands and values what you offer better than your existing business relationships.  Leveraging your existing business relationships is the most effective and efficient way for attracting new ones!

“Trust Me”. With all the hyperbole in advertising, credibility is hard to establish.  But if someone who knows, likes and trusts your client hears your client say your business is ‘The Real Thing’, you’re golden!

“Pay Me”. Yes, that’s correct.  Financial incentive generates referrals better than anything else.  You can do this without selling your soul — just see yesterday’s post for a creative way to generate referrals that is actually socially acceptable for all parties involved.

Control Costs. Whether you offer a ‘free dinner for two’ or a “25% discount” on a future purchase of your products or services, you can establish a ‘cost-per-customer’ you can live with and, best of all, you only pay for when someone (new) is paying you.

If referrals matter to you . . . Use a SYSTEM to generate them!