Be Honest … Be Real … Be Rewarded!

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This year, we’ve had work done on our home.  A number of contractors have ‘graced’ the property.  Landscapers, irrigation specialists, hardwood floor experts, painters, etc.  My wife Joyce said, “We’ve seen more contractors this year than when the house was being built”.  I agree.  It does seem that way.

Candor is Attractive
On a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 is high, our contractors have, for the most part, fallen into the “6 – 8” range. They’ve been ‘above average’ in their expertise and the ‘experience’ we’ve had with them.  But three people have earned a ’10’ from us. Why?  “Candor”

“Pardon, Your Foundation is Showing . . . And You’ve Got Cracks!”
Each of our ‘Top 3’ people were completely transparent with us. What impressed us was their candor about work someone in their company had done . . . incorrectly.

Disclosure is Disarming and . . . Charming
As hard as it is to acknowledge a mistake, it reveals character and integrity when you do. Showing your imperfections makes you human and builds your credibility with clients. It’s also the first step in recovering and restoring the goodwill that’s ‘at risk’ if you don’t.

Admitting your mistakes . . . makes you more attractive . . . to prospects and clients