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Wayne Gretsky the renowned hockey player was once asked for the ‘secret’ for his success.  His reply?  “Other players go to where the puck is now.  I go to where the puck is going to be”.

Anticipation . . . determining where the thinking is going
In marketing, the same principle applies. You want to engage with prospective clients where they are going (to be) in their thinking about what you do . . . i.e. ‘the conversation’ just as Gretsky did with the hockey puck.

Keywords . . . the key to being where your prospects are going to be
While outbound marketing tactics — cold calls, mass media advertising, etc. are still viable, inbound marketing — being found by prospects when they’re seeking information about what you do — is growing rapidly as a critical component of effective marketing.

Being Found . . . is your first step
Once someone finds you online, thanks to your keyword-relevant content and a Google search, you want to invite them to get what they want — useful, relevant information on the topic of interest — from your blog or website.  That means a landing page offering a whitepaper, report, etc. in exchange for their contact information — which you can use to cultivate a relationship that may lead, sooner or later, to a new client relationship.

Be there . . . whenever your prospects’ are thinking about what you do

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