6 Questions To Ask Every Client (#1)


“What made you to seek out someone like me?” 

As a marketer, you are blessed (or, maybe cursed!) with an insatiable curiosity about many things.  And whatever motivates your prospects is something you’ll find pretty fascinating.

This question is designed to help you learn what problem or PAIN your prospect is experiencing that makes you relevant.

Learning the ‘PAIN points’ that cause people to see you as valuable and relevant to their happiness is very valuable information for you to know.  Why?  So you can use it in your marketing MESSAGES that will help you attract the attention of people who may best understand, value and desire the beneficial difference you can provide with your problem-solving expertise and services.

This question is not about you . . . it’s all about your prospect and their ‘issues’.

Learn what makes you relevant . . . as only your Ideal Client can tell you!

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