Market: The People Who Love Ya Baby

Once you have some clarity on your Mission, you’ll want to find the Market of people who can best understand, value and afford the valuable beneficial difference you can create in their life.

This is just a group of people who truly ‘get’ what it is you can do for a client.  Not everyone can.  So  your market is not ‘everyone’.  Why? Because not everyone will value, understand, desire, afford, etc. who you are and what you do.

Funny (but true!) example of a Market
I love the story about a young dentist who graduated and quickly realized he would be ‘new kid on the block’ and ‘low man on the totem pole’ if he joined an established dental practice as an associate.  So he figured out  how to open his own office and do so without the heavy investment of capital he certainly didn’t have right out of dental school.

He approached a local dentist and asked, “How much money is your operatory making after you close your doors each night?”  The dentist said, “Nothing”.  The new dentist said, “I’ll change that and help you retire earlier and better, too”.

He was located in a manufacturing center in the midwest.  The 2nd shift workers typically didn’t find dentists open when they’d get off work.  So he opened up the other doctor’s office from 11 PM to 6 AM and pulled in a unique group of factory workers — his market.  Why? Because his mission was to be the dentist who’s “ready when you are”.  It worked very well and he found a market who loved his mission.

Market . . . is a group of people who best understand, value and afford the value you offer! 

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