Media: The Vehicles That Carry Your Message


Media is a very important part of your marketing.

In days gone by, that term meant mass media — radio, TV and print media.  Today though, that’s all changed.  Radically!

Modern Media Means . . . The Internet
There’s some good news here.  Especially if you don’t have a lot funding for a ‘massive media’ campaign.

It’s the online media that you’ll find is increasingly important in helping you get your Message to your Market and it’s a key to attracting new prospective clients to you, as well.

I just received an email today and it said, “Bill, every time I search anything business related on Google somewhere on my first search page I see you have posted or commented a relevant article thru Google +. However last night I was searching “extra long retractable dog leashes” and there you were again!  Bill get off the computer and spend some time with your family”.

I replied, “It’s the fact that I have an active BLOG (modern media, right?) that causes me to get that kind of media exposure.  I don’t spend time away from my family.  I just blog consistently and that . . . is paying off in increased traffic and conversions on my site.”

Media is increasingly online and that makes it effective and very affordable.  Learn to harness the internet and you’ll be glad you did! 

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