With Your Leadership, There’s HOPE!

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Emil Brolick, the new CEO of the fast-food restaurant chain Wendy’s,  has some excellent observations on his new position and the challenges he’ll be facing as the CEO.

Vision . . . is Always a ‘Good Start’ 
“A leader has to bring a vision to an organization . . .” Agreed.  But you also need the strategies to achieve the vision or your vision won’t happen and your staff will feel disengaged very quickly.

Keep Your People Focused and Involved 
I’m fond of saying, “The difference between your people and your profit is their performance.” Management is often defined as, “Getting things done through other people”.  Those ‘other people’ are your staff.

Communicate Your Expectations
If other people are to help you carry out your strategies, they must ‘buy in’ to your vision. They must also understand — and that’s your responsibility — what their roles require and how they support the achievement of the strategic vision you have created for your business.

Appreciate Your Employees
As the leader of your firm you want to recognize your staff as the essential asset they are. Also, make sure they know that the performance of the business reflects their collective performance. “All for one and one for all” is very true.

Brolick says it well . . . “A leader has to define reality and give hope”.  Amen, Emil! 

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  1. Alan D. Humphries
    Alan D. Humphries says:


    All very good points! Leaders to to be out focused, not only on the specific product or service, but on the people who as assets make it all come together as a success.

    • Bill Doerr
      Bill Doerr says:

      Thank you . . . for your astute observations.

      Truly, it is the ‘people’ who make a business succeed the same way the ‘congregation’ makes a church succeed. I remember a business school friend who bragged to me that she got her MBA and never had to take any courses in psychology. True, she could restructure a balance sheet with the best of them, but it always made me wonder how she’d do in the ‘real’ world where people are the key to success.

      Good point and I do thank you for taking the time to share your mind with us!


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