Building Your Client Development System


Converting imageThe fourth function in your client development process is . . . CONVERTING.

Some call it ‘Selling’ or ‘Closing’.   It’s critical to the ultimate outcome you’re seeking — i.e. to go to your bank with a lot more more money than you’re putting in there now.

I just returned from a business trip from the west coast.  It was a long flight – over 4 hours.  Apart from occasional turbulence, nothing exceptional.  Now we’re on ‘final approach’ to land.  Seatbelts fastened.  Check.  Tray tables in their upright and locked position.  Check.

About 50 feet off the runway, a gust of wind hit the aircraft and almost put one wingtip into the runway.  Fortunately, the pilot recovered (Thank God!) control and the landing continued ‘as planned’.  But what if, in the last 10 seconds of the flight, the pilot ‘lost control’ of the landing?  The entire flight would have been deemed a ‘disaster’.

Selling is a ‘Mission Critical’ Function
Converting qualified opportunities into realized revenues is what really brings closure (no pun intended!) to your Client Development System.  It’s the last ‘key piece’ of the puzzle that makes it possible for you to go to your bank.  So you must do it as effectively as each of the three (3) previous elements — Fueling, Qualifying and Cultivating.

If you have a business function that is needed repeatedly, done routinely and produces results that are critical to your success . . . please . . . don’t ‘wing it’.  Do it by design, not accident.  Otherwise, you’ll get the results you want sporadically and erratically instead of consistently and conscientiously.

If you’re seeking to gain the skills and attitudes needed to be effective at converting opportunities into revenues, I highly recommend you find a good sales training organization or coach and work on building the skills and attitudes you need to be effective in this key function.  (Psst — if you need a good recommendation . . . call me!  860-798-6964)