COI or BOD — Does It Matter, Really?

Yes!  A number of our Preferral Prospecting® System clients have been asking for a clarification between a COI (Center-of-Influence) and a BOD (Board-of-Director).  That’s a good question and a significant distinction.  Let’s see if we can shed some light on this issue.

They BOTH must:

  • know the kind of people you’d like to meet
  • have potency and prestige with these people
  • be willing to introduce you to these people

The basic difference reflects the degree to which:

  • the other person wants to receive Preferrals™
  • the other person wants to work with you to do this

A BOD wants to:

  • grow their business,
  • use Preferral Prospecting™ to achieve that end, and
  • work with YOU to do this

COI’s may be willing to help you meet other people via Preferred Introductions but they either:

  • don’t care to obtain Preferrals™, or
  • you don’t know the kind of people they want to meet

Because a COI offers you a “one-way and limited” vs a BOD’s “reciprocal and repeatable” prospecting opportunity, you want to get as many BOD’s as you can — 20 – 25 are ideal!

And just a friendly reminder . . . GET 20 – 25 BOD’s . . . NOW!

Why? Because that many BOD’s means you can be having 2 Preferral™ Prospecting lunches each week. And, once you’re doing THAT, you’re pretty much guaranteed to generate 39+ Preferrals™ each month! Oooh, won’t that be nice! ‘-)

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