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Standing Out In a Crowded World

“If you’re not standing out, maybe you’re just not that outstanding!”.  Perhaps a tad harsh with a hint of truth (sounds like a good wine!).  But the fact remains that differentiation is a key skill to develop for your business or practice. It’s Not Personal, It’s Biological! The author, A. K. Pradeep writes in his […]

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Strategy Before Tactics — ALWAYS!!

Duct Tape Marketing Founder John Jantsch has a number of words of wisdom. One of them is that effective marketing results from a coordinated, strategic approach rather than what might be called chasing the marketing tactic of the week.  This is very common.  You hear about what a fellow business owner did that got their […]

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Don’t Do Social Media

. . . UNLESS . . .  you can justify it, financially. I just love it when a brilliant mind takes on a topic that’s so inviting of opinion that a clear conclusion seems highly unlikely. Drew McLellan did that in a recent post on MarketingProfs.com and it’s inspired this post from me. Is It Worth […]

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Give Prospects What They Want . . . NOW!

In today’s crazy, hurry-up-and-make-it-happen kind of world, the desire for immediate (or, short-term vs. longer-term) gratificationis a force to recognize and reckon with . . . if you want to help prospects become clients and clients become repeat clients! Our friends at www.despair.com are always ready to provide a moment of mirthful visual sobriety — […]

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What Ripples We Create!

I just received an email from a dear friend . . . Kathy Vincello who helps smaller business owners manage their finances as a QuickBooks Advisor and VFA (Virtual Financial Assistant). Whatever you do . . . I hope you realize the IMPACT you have when you exchange value with a fellow business owner. Here’s […]