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Being Approach-able

Scott Ginsberg has a calling. To be “That Nametag Guy”. His mission is to help others be more approachable.  Why?  Because when you are, you are likely to be more successful. Scott’s successful, too. Very, very successful! What started out as a ‘happy accident’ — forgetting to remove his nametag after a meeting . . […]


Appreciation Marketing – The Book!

I just had the pleasure of interviewing Curtis Lewsey for an upcoming article I’ll be writing for The National Networker. Curtis is the co-author of a new book:  Appreciation Marketing He makes a great point about marketing in general. Most marketing is about ‘getting’ something from your prospect.  A response.  A sale.  A referral. Curtis […]


All Customers Are Loyal . . . But To What?

There are two basic strategies for creating loyalty in your customers or clients.  Good pricing or good service. Both will attract and keep customers.  But of the two, service is better. People who are loyal to certain companies — e.g. WalMart — because of their low prices Others are loyal to certain companies — e.g. […]


Duct Tape Marketing ‘FUN FACTS’

Some facts and figures on the Duct Tape Marketing and the Duct Tape Marketing Coach Network • The network of Duct Tape Marketing coaches has representatives in the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK and Hungary • The Duct Tape Marketing Book has sold over 50,000 copies in hardback, paperback and Kindle editions and has […]


The Redneck Bank

OK, I kid you not . . . this is REAL! Bank marketing — and the messaging that is a key part of it — may never be the same again. Enter Redneck Bank.  They decided (wow!  a conscious decision and action!) not to be another ‘pretty face’ in the crowd of banks vying for […]


The Reality Hits Home

On Saturday I was with a fellow business owner whose business has, after a very profitable and productive lifetime, reached the proverbial end of the road.   Out of human decency, I’m not going to identify this business.  That’s not why I’m posting this.   The owners are a husband and wife.  The business was […]


What’s a Happy Meal?

If you’re a parent, you know about McDonalds.  And, the Happy Meal. I’ll bet you’ve bought your fair share of them.  Maybe more.       But have you ever considered what a Happy Meal really is?  Or, why parents buy them for their kids? There’s an excellent lesson here . . . McDonald’s UNDERSTANDS […]