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The Importance of TRUST

This week I attended a meeting where the importance of TRUST in business relationships was (again!) hammered home. The speaker, a delightful lady named Peaches Quinn (her real name!), described 3 levels of relationships that you can enjoy with other people in your business activities: Unknown Commodity Known Commodity Trusted Advisor Every relationship that produces value […]

Make it FUN to Promote Your Brand

  OK . . . if you know me, I just LOVE creative ideas.  I’m totally ENAMORED of creative ideas that work.  And I’m just NUTS AS A BUNNY about creative ideas that work and are FUN for the people involved. That’s how I feel about a very creative (and, effective!) promotion that is being […]


Honesty and Truth Go Together

Implicit in any relationship that’s going to be productive is a high level of TRUST. But what creates trust?  Try HONESTY. Not the self-serving kind that’s designed to malign or hurt someone.  The kind of candor that, without prejudice, seeks purely to build trust by communicating that you are being honest and open with another […]

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THIS is Alignment!

I just discovered a business called Snip-Its. It’s a childrens hair salon designed to make getting your child’s hair cut a truly fun adventure. It began when Joanna Meiseles, (the granddaughter of the famous Hollywood comedy star, Jack benny!) wanted to find a way to make getting a child’s hair cut something that won’t make you […]

The Power of “Thank You”

My dear friend JoAnna Brandi — The Customer Care Lady™ just shared this . . .      It’s a brief talk on the power of appreciation.  Sincere.  Heart-felt appreciation.  And, of course, the immense power of expressing your appreciation in the form of “Thank You”. I must express my appreciation to JoAnna . . . […]


March 31 Marketing Webinar

On Tuesday, March 31 at 9 AM PDT or NOON EDT there is an online panel discussion that is #2 in a 5 part series sponsored by HP. Tomorrow’s topic: Creating Marketing Materials That Educate The panelists include my good friend, John Jantsch, Founder of Duct Tape Marketing, Cliff Atkinson, Author of Beyond Bullet Points, […]

“Why I Never Ask for Referrals . . .”

If you’re a professional or provide a valuable, problem-solving service that reflects your expertise and experience you would probably agree that REFERRALS are more attractive (literally and figuratively) than say, direct mail or advertising or . . . well, you get the idea. The problem is, while most of us love referrals, many people in […]


New Special Report Released!

“How To Build a Clientele . . . By Design, Not Accident” is now available! If you’re a professional (e.g. JD, CPA, CFP, ChFC, etc.) OR you’re a service professional offering a valuable, problem-solving expertise to your clients AND you want to grow your clientele better in the future than you may have done in […]