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Check Your Website

If you’ve ever wondered whether your website could be better . . . technically speaking, wonder no longer Check out this site:  websitegrader.com.   It’s a free service of Hubspot that gives you an immediate report about what’s effective about your website (or, your competitor’s!).   But alas, it also points out where you may need […]


The Power of 3

I’m listening to Clark Howard, the popular radio show host whose claim to fame is to help people, “Spend Less, Save More and Avoid Getting Ripped Off!”.   Earlier today, I was with a client whose claim to fame is help her clients create a business where the “Employees are Happy, Customers are Loyal and […]

The Evolution of Relationships

In a recent post on Technosailor, Aaron Brazell discussed the recent SXSW (South by Southwest) event that is a gathering for creative people in the advertising and marketing world. What I loved about Aaron’s post was his observation about the various kinds of people who attend this annual event. Year 1 attendees . . . […]


When The Message is The Medium

What makes your business memorable? Attractive? Prefer-able? Emotion! Specifically, an emotional connection with your prospect. It can be . . . ANY thing . . . you don’t quite expect but still find emotionally delightful. A pattern interruption. ANYthing, get it? Enter Southwest Airlines.  Actually, a crew member named David.  David definitely knows how to […]

What’s Better than a Stimulus?

I just read a post by my friend and mentor, John Jantsch — founder of Duct Tape Marketing. He’s a regular contributor on OPEN FORUM from AMERICAN EXPRESS — a valuable small business blog. John made several suggestions to get the economy going again: fund the SBCD and SCORE chapters in every community possible create […]


Who MOST Cares About Your Business?

In Session #2 of The Marketing Club, we discuss this issue in far greater depth and detail.   But what it comes down to is this . . . “Who REALLY cares about the BENEFICICIAL DIFFERENCE you can create for them with your business product or service?” For example, consider someone I call “The Midnight […]

Attitude -> Altitude

In a former life, I was a pilot.  And one of the lessons I learned while learning to fly an aircraft is that the ATTITUDE of my aircraft would determine the ALTITUDE I would reach. Without getting overly technical, this ‘rule’ only works when there’s adequate forward thrust.  But I digress . . . ‘-) […]

What Are You Reading?

I’m a big fan of keeping your mental focus on things that help you, not hurt you. Obviously, that applies to what you read, too. Afterall, ‘garbage IN = garbage OUT’. Just like your body, what you put in your head has lot to do with how well it works. Here’s a suggestion . . […]

What IS ‘Marketing’ About, Really?

I don’t know what you think ‘marketing’ is . . . but whatever you believe, you know it has to evoke an emotional response from your market. Coca-Cola did this recently with a commercial.  Sure, the coke logo is in the piece.  But look at this commercial and ask yourself, “What are they selling?”   […]

Marketing Lessons of The Recession

I just read a great article in Advertising Age magazine on what CEO’s and CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers) are learning thanks to the recession. It suggests four (4) things that CEO’s and CMO’s are learning to respond to in these ‘interesting’ times. Consumer Behavior Shifts Perception is reality Positioning modifies Perception  Aligned perception modifies buyers’ behavior Pricing […]