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What’s YOUR Point?

I just watched a commercial. For a product called Orajel. It’s a topical anesthetic for your teeth. What struck me was the sheer brilliance of the ‘on-the-mark’ message it focused on and didn’t stray from… “Put it on and the pain goes away”. David Olgivy, the legendary advertising man, once said, “What’s written on the […]

Keeping In Touch?

Today was a telling day. 2 lessons. First, “Being There Really IS Important!” Second, “Keeping In Touch Really IS Important” Allow me to explain. Last fall we had our home stained. As part of the work, we had a lot of our trim replaced. But, not all of it. In fact, not even most of […]

“But Momma, WHY?”

I recently had the joy (I’m not kidding!) of spending time with a young mom and her 3 year old daughter. Mom was a prospective client. The daughter was not. During our meeting, the little girl was as inquisitive as little minds are want to be. She was constantly asking, “Why?”. “Why did you wear […]

Learn to say, “I don’t know”

I just spoke with a client who has suffered a loss… of confidence and credibility in a vendor. Who, by the way, is also a client. As a business adviser, clients often ask for a referral to another vendor. For whatever reason, the vendor I introduced to my client, when asked a question, gave an […]

What You Don’t Say… Matters!

I read a post on a blog of Sri Dasgupta. Sri is an author (Effortless Networking) and fellow marketeer. I interviewed Sri earlier this year for an article I wrote. I’ve enjoyed her blog posts and she just addressed an issue I want to share with you.

You Need a Proposal?

I was just speaking with Matthew Scott—a fellow Duct Tape Marketing Coach from the Portland, OR area. We were talking about ‘proposals’. And whether you need them or not. Matthew’s take is you don’t. You don’t need to make proposals. Now before you get all crazy on that, consider the source. Matthew is quite accomplished: […]

30 Second Commercial? Forget it!

In a recent chamber meeting, the people in attendance were invited to ‘stand and give your 30 second commercial’. Scarier than Halloween I tell you. First, few people apparently know how long “30 seconds” really is. Most took well over a minute. And I’m being kind when I say that, too! Second, most had no […]