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Strategy AND Tactics . . . You Need Both

The famous Chinese general, Sun Tzu once said: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” I’ve just returned from the annual ‘Gathering’ of my fellow Duct Tape Marketing consultants in Kansas City, MO.  It was good.  But it also reinforced a basic premise of the […]

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Client-centric Crisis PR

Well, here we are . . . one day after Hurricane Sandy left our area (NY/NJ/CT) but only after leaving a trail of destruction and tragedy behind her. During this difficult time, I have received several emails that sought to ride-the-coat-tails of this significant weather event.  Most were sad attempts to be cute but, in […]

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Exclusive . . . is Attractive

There is a wise and seasoned professional colleague of mine . . . named Kyle Hunt. Kyle’s based in Michigan and he’s the owner of Remodel Your Marketing.  He specializes in working exclusively with clients who are  in the remodeling business and related trades — painters, carpenters, builders, electricians . . . well, you get […]


Systems Do NOT Kill Creativity

In a NY Times interview Tyson Cole, the Japanese restauranteur, shared a keen insight about many restaurant owners who shun thoughts about adopting systems in their businesses. Many restaurant owners feel that using systems would mark them as corporate ‘sell outs’. In fact, Cole argues, nothing could be further from the truth.  Actually, there’s great value in […]


“Dealing With Turbulence in 2012”

I’m compelled to comment on something I’m noticing with an increasing and alarming regularity. It’s a variation on the biological imperative to choose, when faced with a serious threat to your life, between ‘flight’ or ‘fight’. As we’re now well into the second half of 2012, I’m observing that a number of smaller business owners […]