In Marketing, there’s an expression for content that converts unknown website visitors into known ‘people of interest’ — ‘bait-piece’.  Yep.  Just like putting ‘bait’ on a hook when you were fishing as a kid — it attracts people who are interested in what you do . . . and invites them to take an action you want.

Every Client Starts Somewhere . . .
In marketing, especially online marketing, you want a prospect to ‘raise their hand’ and tell you who they are.  Why?  So you can begin or more deeply develop a marketing dialog with them that provides the information and creates the opportunity needed to turn a casual visitor into a paying client.

The Ultimate Bait-piece . . . is Yours For The Asking
Kip Bodnar over at HubSpot — the leader in online, inbound marketing services (did I mention we’re a reseller for them, too?) has just released the ultimate ‘bait-piece’ on the topic of how to create e-books that attract traffic to your website and generate leads you can develop into productive and profitable clients.

DOWNLOAD Kip’s e-book . . . just click the image in this post.  See?  This really works!

You catch more visitors with ‘bait’ than without it . . . and an e-book is great bait!


I am sharing this to help you deal with the growing mentality that is permeating the mindset of entrepreneurial souls in this challenging economy.

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sr-yi-nvr-askIf you’re a professional or provide a valuable, problem-solving service that reflects your expertise and experience you would probably agree that REFERRALS are more attractive (literally and figuratively) than say, direct mail or advertising or . . . well, you get the idea.

The problem is, while most of us love referrals, many people in a business or professional practice aren’t getting enough of them.

Can you relate?  DOWNLOAD this Special Report!

I sincerely believe you’ll find some of the answers you’ve been seeking on how to begin to increase the quantity and improve the quality of opportunities to put yourself in front of prospective clients . . . Enjoy!


“How To Build a Clientele . . . By Design, Not Accident”
is now available!

If you’re a professional (e.g. JD, CPA, CFP, ChFC, etc.) OR you’re a service professional offering a valuable, problem-solving expertise to your clients AND you want to grow your clientele better in the future than you may have done in the past . . . DOWNLOAD THIS REPORT!

10-common-mistakesAmong people who are professionals (CPA, CFP, JD, etc.) and others who are in the business of providing a valuable, problem-solving expertise or service you’ll find that most don’t know how to effectively make the most of their first meeting with a prospective client.

In fact, while doing the work for a client may be a high point for most, the actual meeting you have with a prospect is often one of the least exciting things you can do.

marketing-blueprintI use the term ‘by design, not accident’ when I discuss marketing your services for a reason. Doing it by design usually produces a lot more and better results than if you do it by accident.

In this Special Report, I examine why marketing is such a mystery for so many people who are otherwise incredibly brilliant and extremely talented. You’ll learn the three (3) Key Strategies and six (6) Key Elements that can really help you convert your competence into compensation.
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