Coaching Process

I work with entrepreneurs — especially solopreneurs — who have a talent or expertise that solves problems for clients.

I specialize in helping my clients close the GAP or, difference . . . between the number and/or kind of clients they’re generating for their business or practice and the amount of income they’re generating for themselves and their family.

You’ll work with me to get more clients and make more money 

Closing a GAP is no accident.  It’s a deliberate process.  

I use a 4 step process to help you get more clients and make more money.  

It sounds more clinical than it is.  But it’s accurate. My dad was a physician.  One of the best lessons he taught me was the importance of knowing what the ‘real’ problem is.  He’d say, “the patient presented with chest pains, shortness of breath, sweating, etc. but those weren’t the real problem/s I had to address.  Those were just symptoms.”

One of the most difficult things in medicine or business or life . . . is not knowing WHEN something is not right but WHY it’s not right. Only then can you address the underlying cause/s of any symptomatic issue you don’t want.

Once you know WHY you have a GAP and WHAT  you need to address, we set an objective to address it.  Some GAPS are the result of more than one ‘underlying cause’.  So, we may need several goals to achieve your objective and, as a result, eliminate your GAP.  And, once your GAP is gone, you’ll be getting more clients and making more money.

NOTE: ‘Getting more clients and making more money’ is NOT the objective or goal in this step.  Those are a consequence of achieving the goal (or, goals) that can make that outcome happen for you.

Your Objective . . . is simple:  Eliminate any factor that is limiting your ability to get more clients and make more money.  Do that . . . and the clients and money you want . . . will follow.

In this step, you specify HOW you’ll go about closing your GAP and achieving your Objective.  For example, you may want ‘more clients and more income’ . . . but to do that, you might really need to identify people who can introduce you to people who can best understand, value, desire and afford your services.  Or, you may need to find and form strategic alliances with other businesses who can and will promote you to their clients, or . . . well, you get the idea.

This is also where you’ll get ‘nitty gritty’ and create ACTION PLANS . . . where we’ll create a ‘tool’ that tells you what to do, when and by whom.  This is a management ‘tool’ that helps keep you accountable and ‘on track’ for success.

Once you know WHY you have a GAP — not enough clients and/or not enough income — (Diagnosis) and you know WHAT you must do (Objective) to eliminate it and HOW (Methods) you’re ready to implement your planned actions.

By the way, did you know the Apollo Astronauts who went to the Moon were only on their lunar flight path LESS than 3% of their entire mission?  Most of the time they were ‘chasing’ their planned flight path by firing a rocket for a second here or 2 seconds there . . . all because they weren’t where they planned to be when they planned to be there.  But hey, they returned to Earth safe and sound, right?  And that’s what this step is all about. Achieving your objective, successfully. And the best way to do that is to achieve the goal/s that make your objective happen.

President Ronald Reagan used the term, “Trust but verify”.  That’s what you do in this step.  Personally, I like to meet and check on a client’s progress-on-goals about every two (2) weeks — with ad hoc calls if / as needed in between.

What You Get in a Typical Coaching Call

Our calls are a mini-reflection of this whole 4 step process.  Here’s what happens on a typical coaching call:

Most Objectives take time to achieve.  So each meeting ends with an agreement to do things . . . by the next meeting.  That’s what you plan to do.  When we meet, we determine what you actually did.  This is where accountability comes from in the process.  Someone, other than you, is asking, ‘Are you . . . did you . . . have you. . . done what you said you would do . . . to progressively achieve your goal/s, reach your objective and eliminate your GAP?”

If you did, we have a celebration!   If you didn’t, we have a GAP.  And, we’ll want to address it as soon as possible.

If things didn’t go as you planned (remember the Apollo astronauts?), we probe to learn WHY.  Only by knowing the reason/s behind any discrepancy in your performance are we in a position to address them.

One thing we NEVER change is your Objective.  That’s non-negotiable. You still want to ‘get more clients’ and ‘make more money’, right?  So we keep WHAT you want.  But we may need to modify HOW you’ll make that happen.

Ever hear the expression, “All roads lead to Rome”.  Well, if your current road gets washed out, you still want to get to Rome, don’t you?  So you might choose a different road to get you there. We do the same thing in this step.

You’ll continue to ‘lather, rinse and repeat’ this process with me, until your Objective is achieved and your GAP . . . is gone.

Ultimately, coaching is a process . . . for being mindful

If you find you have a GAP in your business . . . you set an Objective to eliminate it . . . you make an (action) Plan to address it . . . you implement your plan . . . you monitor your progress . . . you make adjustments if/as needed . . . and, Voila! . . . sooner or later you find you’re getting more clients and making more money . . . by design, not accident.  

Remember, you’re not in this alone.  You have a coach to make the journey to success with you.  We succeed . . . together!  😉