Get More Preferrals NOW! — INTRODUCTION

In this preparatory session, you will learn how professional service providers generate clients.  This will give you an ‘Executive Overview’ of the Client Development Process involving 5 key functions:

    Your business or practice runs on a ‘fuel’ called . . . CLIENTS!  Without enough of or, the appropriate kind of people to begin your client development process, you’ll find you’ll be working harder than you like, longer than you thought and for far less than you deserve.
    Once you generate potential clients or ‘prospects’, you’ll need learn if they are qualified to have you invest your time, money and attention on them. If not, your relationship may be over before it begins.  But, if you find someone does qualify for you, then it’s time to learn if they are ready to speak with you about your services or, failing that, are qualified for you to cultivate a relationship with them until they are ready to speak with you.
    If you connect with someone AND they are not ready to speak with you about doing business with you . . . BUT they are otherwise qualified to do business with you in the future, THEN you will want to implement a system for staying-in-touch and top-of-mind with them until they are ready to discuss using your expertise and services in some way.
    This is all about helping your person, when THEY are ready, to make a decision about using you and your services or, not. Important note . . . do not confuse ‘selling’ and ‘decision-making’ as they’re not the same thing.
    Part of your cultivation system requires you to periodically and regularly check with your people under cultivation to do two important things:

      1. demonstrate a sincere regard for them and their well-being, and
      2. offer assistance to help them overcome any challenge they’re havingCalling your people quarterly — in addition to a few other activities — will ensure you build the ‘know, like and trust’ factors that will position you in a way that, when a need develops, you will come to mind first and foremost.

        The other great benefit of these periodic connections is that you’ll find you’re generating new introductions to even more people who can best understand, value, desire and afford your problem-solving services.

Available Deliverables

  • Bill — I’d like to discuss this with you Download
  • Get More Preferrals, NOW! — OVERVIEW Notes and Assignments Download
  • Your Conditional Application / Mutual Commitments Download
  • (OPTIONAL) One Page Summary of Get More Preferrals, NOW! Download
  • (OPTIONAL) One Page Summary of The Expert Directory™ Download
  • (OPTIONAL) One Page Summary of The Client Machine® Download