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Learn WHO . . . is the best kind of person to approach for referrals

Video 2-B

Video 2-B
Learn HOW . . . to describe the kind of person you most want to meet

Video 3-A

Video 3-A
Learn WHAT to say . . . to generate referrals simply, easily and effectively

Video 3-B

Video 3-B
Build a PLAN . . . to generate 15 (or, More!) Referrals / Month (every month!!)

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The videos in this course are . . . yours.  FREE.   That's right.  No fees.  No conditions.  No 'strings attached'.

Why?  Good question!  Two reasons . . .

FIRST . . . most professional practitioners learn many things to become a professional services provider -- e.g. CPA, CFP, ChFC, P.E., etc.   Unfortunately, learning how to build, nurture and grow a vibrant referral network is not typically one of them.

So, if you missed the 'course' in school, you can still get the 'Cliff Notes' version of it here.

SECOND . . . it's my way of giving you an 'experience' or sampling of who I am and how I operate.  If you like what you get in this (relatively) brief video series, you MAY like to connect with me to learn about additional services I offer that can help you take your business or professional services practice to a whole new level based on . . . getting more referrals.

But for now, let's get you started . . . start with Video 1 and continue at your own pace.

At the end of the last video (3 B) you'll learn how to engage with me in a more formal coaching program designed to help you get (what else!) 'More Referrals'.  Your choice, of course. But I'm sharing what my system is for getting more referrals.  I'm holding nothing back.

If you're a DIY type of person, you'll find everything you need in these videos to . . . "Get More Referrals".  And if that's the case, I am sincerely happy for you and wish you well as you grow your practice.

If you find, after viewing these free videos, that you might like work with a referral coach like me, call me and let's discuss it further.  No obligation . . . other than to bring an open mind to the conversation.

I'm looking forward to talking with you in the near future.  Meantime, you have some videos to start watching!  '-)