A Six Step Process

To Grow Your Clientele

Growing your clientele, intentionally, isn’t difficult.  Actually doing it, however, can be challenging at times.  But, the good news is that you CAN do it.   I can help you.  Here’s the process we’ll follow:

Step 1:  Identify Your GAP/s
Step 2:  Develop Your Plan
Step 3:  Implement Your Plan
Step 4:  Monitor Your Implementation
Step 5:  Modify Your Actions
Step 6:  Maintain This Process Until Your Goals Are Achieved

Step 1:  Identify Your GAP/s

If something isn’t the way you like, you have a ‘GAP’.  A GAP is a symptom that some thing is ‘not right’.

If you’re not earning enough money, you have an ‘income’ GAP.  It doesn’t matter if you’re missing out on $10K / year or $250K / year.  It’s not the size of your GAP, but the fact that you have one in the first place.  

If you’re making good money but your clients are too demanding for you –– you have an ‘ideal client’ GAP.  See how this works?

In this step, you aren’t fixing a thing.  You just want to ‘get a fix’ on what you want to change about your business..

Step 2:  Develop Your Plan

Let’s say you have an ‘income’ GAP.  You want to address it. But before you can do that, you must learn why you have it.  Why?  It’s hard to fix what you don’t understand.

Once you know, specifically, why you’re not making the money you deserve, you can set goals to correct the underlying cause/s.

In fact, you may need to set several goals to ‘close’ an income GAP.  For example, you might set a goal to:

  • Define . . . your ‘ideal client’ –– so people can refer them to you (and not miss the opportunity!)
  • Identify . . . your ‘Raving Fans’ –– who can introduce you to people they know who look like your ideal client
  • Create . . . a Follow-Up System –– to help you follow-up with people who can buy and/or refer you to others
  • etc. etc.

Then you can build a plan to achieve the goal/s that will eliminate your income limiting factors.  A plan is just a ‘tool’ you use to know what to do, when, why and who’s responsible / involved so your income GAP is ‘closed’ successfully.. 

How do you create a GAP closure plan? Work with a coach to help you build, implement and maintain a plan to address any factors that are keeping you from enjoying the increased income you deserve.

Step 3:  Implement Your Plan

This is what Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth meant when he said, “Work ‘ON’ your business instead of ‘IN’ it.”  You’re busy.  Are you productive?  Implementing a plan of actions . . . to eliminate any factor that’s limiting your success is a good thing.

Step 4:  Monitor Your Implementation

If you know what you expect, by when, who is responsible, who is involved and how each step in your plan is to be carried out . . . and you’re held accountable . . . you’ll do this very well. 

Step 5:  Modify Your Actions

As you compare your actual results or progress against what you expected you’d do, you’ll find you’re either ‘on track’ or, not. 

If you’re not, you want to learn why you’re not and what will put you back on track by your next ‘check-in’.  If you are, you want to learn what you’re doing that’s working for you so you can replicate that process until your limiting factors are eliminated. 

That does more than achieve your goals.  It produces the results you want.

Step 6:  Maintain This Process Until Your Goals Are Achieved 

You know the expression, “Things were going so well I stopped doing them!”.  That’s real.  

If you take your eye off the ball or, get distracted . . . ______ happens!  If you stop following this process before your goal is achieved, it won’t be.  What will keep you from becoming a victim of distractions?  A coach.  A guide.  Someone who will hold your feet to the fire, your hand in a crisis and put a boot in your butt if/as needed.  Someone like . . . me.