This is a replay of a webinar / masterclass hosted by my friend, David Shriner-Cahn and it features his guest — Bill Bice, CEO of Boomtime.com.

Bill’s background is pretty interesting.  Which, by the way, is why his message is timely, relevant and valuable.  (read more below the video!)

He started his first business at age 18.  He’s founded and/or invested in 27 unique businesses.  A programmer at heart, he learned that the most successful companies are those that have great marketing going for them.

We’ll have a ‘debriefing’ for you and others who would like to discuss Bill Bice’s message in this masterclass presentation . . . if you’ve registered to view this replay, we’ll be in touch with some dates and times for a ‘group debrief’ session.

But now . . . enjoy Bill’s presentation . . . and heed his advice.  He knows what he’s talking about and you’ll benefit if you listen and apply it to your own business in 2020.