Generate the Revenue You Want for The Lifestyle You Deserve With My Coaching and Support

HOW . . . Might I Be of Service To You?
If you’re seeking to grow your business, I can relate.  I’ve been there, done that and have the T-Shirts to prove it, too.  I understand.  Your financial potential is at risk if you don’t.  And, ignoring your mom for the moment, your family wants (and, needs!) you to succeed because their lifestyle depends on it!

Some Call It Coaching . . . I Call It Advising
The way I work with a client can be called ‘coaching’.  And, yes.  I am an ATD certified coach and a Duct Tape Marketing certified consultant..  But I prefer to act as an ‘advisor’ to my clients.  This means I can act as a coach but I bring a unique and beneficial set of experiences and expertise to my client relationships.

My Focus . . . My Speciality, and . . . My Expertise
You just read about 3 key factors that affect your ability to grow your clientele. The first  two (2) factors are marketing related.  That’s where we’ll focus our work with you if you decide to work with me.  

I’m committed to helping you do 2 key things . . . better than you are now:

  1. increase the QUANTITY, and

  2. improve the QUALITY 

of the people you’re meeting in your business so you’ll have more clients paying you than you do now.

Profit, Matters . . .
If you want to be successful in business, you must be profit-able.  That’s the ‘Bottom Line’. (BTW, I like to make puns, OK? ‘-)

If you’re making a profit, you’re in good shape.  If you’re not, you’re losing money.  And, if you don’t change THAT situation . . . at some point, you’ll be “out of business”.Profit Funnel

Profit comes when your costs of being in business are LESS than the revenues you’re bringing in to your business or practice. 

Revenue comes from the transactions or sales you’re making of the services you provide clients.

Opportunities to make sales of your services with the people you want to serve, come from the marketing you’re doing.

So your success, ultimately, depends on how well you’re marketing yourself. 

I can help you do this.  


By working with you to increase the QUANTITY and improve the QUALITY of people you can serve in your business or practice. 

Growing your business is your choice.  Helping you make that happen . . . is what I do.

Learn how, specifically, we can make this happen . . . for you