Generate the Revenue You Want for The Lifestyle You Deserve With My Coaching and Support

Growth . . . Is No Accident
Statistics from the US Small Business Administration reveal nearly 80% of new businesses will go out of business within 5 years of opening their doors. These include retailers, manufacturers, professional practitioners, firms offering tangible products as well as firms providing intangible services. 

Not great odds. But even if most businesses will close their doors, SOME won’t. 

And I bet  Y-O-U . . . would prefer to be in the group of people who keep their doors open.  Yes?

That’s why you must be profit-able!

To be profitable, you must bring more money IN to your business than you’re paying OUT of it each month..  

To cover your operating costs, you must be generating revenues.

To generate revenues (and, make sales!), you must be marketing your products and services. 

So, to grow your clientele, you want to be meeting with people who can best understand, value, desire and afford your services. 

The real question is HOW!  How do you do this . . . consistently and conscientiously?

Work with me.  Or, at least give it some serious consideration!  😉

How We Can Work Together

What if you had everything you need to generate a steady flow of qualified opportunities you can use to create more clients, more quickly and more easily in the future than you’ve been creating in the past.  What would that do for you?  Mean to your family?

That’s not only possible.  I’ll make it easy for you.  I’ll GUARANTEE it!  (Not a typo –– my commitment to you!)

To start, you’ll need a good foundation on which to build a better, more profitable clientele.GMBC Lightbulb logo

Phase I:  “Get More and Better Clients . . .” — Your Online, ‘Foundational’ Course

Increasing the quantity and improving the quality of the people you’re meeting with who can pay you for the benefits your services provide is what you can expect when you complete this program.

We work together to provide you with support to build your client development skills using:

  • on-demand video lessons . . . you’ll work with me and at your own pace
  • PDF documentation . . . you get key information as PDF’s you can review at your leisure
  • live, online coaching calls . . . we meet online using — very convenient!

We discuss the principles so you can apply the practices that will help you increase the quantity and improve the quality of opportunities where you can meet with people who can best understand, value, desire and afford your problem-solving services. 

And don’t forget –– I have ‘skin in this game’, too!  I’m guaranteeing you’ll make back five times (500% ROI!) what you invest to take this program with me . . . or your fee is cheerfully refunded 100%!  This is also why you can’t just sign-up for this program.  You and I will want to discuss  whether it’s right for you and, whether you’re right for it.

Take Your First Segment . . . “On The House” . . . As My Guest
There are a total of six (6) segments in this program.  If you like, you’re warmly invited to take the first segment — “No Charge”.

Consider this an investment in our future working relationship.  If you love the first session — and I’m betting you will — continue and complete the full program.  If you don’t love it, it wasn’t for you.  And, you didn’t lose any money to find out.

Candidly, this program may very well do everything you want.  It’s cost/benefit ratio is ridiculously loaded in your favor.  Plus, you have my 100% You-Must-Be-Happy Satisfaction Guarantee, as well.

Phase II:  Private Coaching (your option, of course)

Assuming you like how Phase I goes (yes, I’m biased). . . you may want to work with me over a longer period of time — and see even bigger results than you did in Phase I.coaching call

Here’s where we finalize a personalized Client Development Action Plan you can use to get more (and, better!) clients. 

  1. We MEET weekly at first, then every other week, online, using
  2. We MONITOR your implementation and progress on goals that will eliminate your client development limitations. 
  3. We COMPARE planned / actual results, 
  4. We IDENTIFY discrepancies,
  5. We LEARN why . . . your discrepancies exist . . . why they REALLY exist!
  6. We DEVISE corrective actions to help you put things ‘back on track’ and, finally . . .
  7. We MODIFY the actions you’ll  take / be responsible for doing . . . before our next coaching call.

Then we ‘Lather, Rinse and Repeat’.  Simple.  Powerful, too.