A Message for Under-Appreciated Professionals

BillDoerr+TitleHi . . . Bill Doerr, here.  

I have a couple of questions for you . . .

Are you providing a problem-solving service solution based on the demonstrated expertise you've busted your butt to develop?

Do you find that increasing the quantity and improving the quality of opportunities you need to make the numbers you want . . . is a challenge?  

Have you been working harder than you want, for less than you like and longer than you thought . . . just to make your 'numbers' by the end of the year?  

Well, GOOD NEWS!  

If you can relate to those questions, all that's about to change. For you.

Once we're working together, you'll be getting more and better opportunities to talk with qualified individuals who can best understand, value, desire and afford the problem-solving services and products you offer.

  • Grant Monson, CFP, CLU, ChFC / The Monson Group
    “Bill is a one of a kind guy who brings a one of a kind approach to relationship marketing. He has a wealth of experience, and is passionate about what he does to ensure you get the most value from his guidance. Bill has helped me manage, improve, and appropriately leverage my relationships to get results for my planning practice. He helps you tap into the gold you already have---the many existing relationships and network we all have, but don’t have a smart approach to nurture effectively. I also find it valuable that he is a long time student of Sandler Training so his system and advice works seamlessly with the win-win relationship approach we pursue. Anyone in a business where success depends on relationships is making a mistake to not have a conversation with Bill before another year passes by.”
    Grant Monson, CFP, CLU, ChFC / The Monson Group
  • Stephen Pedneault, CPA, CFE / Forensic Accounting Services
    "Working with Bill has helped us implement a process to maintain valuable relationships for our practice. Bill was instrumental in formalizing our marketing efforts, resulting in a system of regular contacts with our referral sources, leading to the development of new publications. His involvement required us to re-evaluate our strategies which lead to our implementation of a contact management system. Bill’s Preferral Prospecting® System has resulted in meaningful introductions and new revenues, and his written summaries of each coaching session were unique and very helpful to our team."
    Stephen Pedneault, CPA, CFE / Forensic Accounting Services
  • Shon Messer, MSFS / DSD Insurance
    "Bill has taught me how to market my business in a cost effective manner. His strategies have created focus, profit and growth in my business. I am honored, thrilled and humbled to be working with such a wise business leader and teacher. I think Bill is a master at helping the small business owner add more profit to the bottom line."
    Shon Messer, MSFS / DSD Insurance
  • Deb Prior, Owner / Liberty Tax & Bookkeeping Services
    "Bill coached me over a period of 28 days to help me acquire new clients. His innovative ideas and dedication to my success resulted in an increase in new clients that was TWICE my intended goal. In addition, the contacts that resulted from his program are continuing to provide me with an ongoing stream of more introductions to potential clients and referrals. He is one of the most gifted and creative marketing coaches I have ever met. I recommend him to anyone without hesitation."
    Deb Prior, Owner / Liberty Tax & Bookkeeping Services

If You're Interested . . . LET'S TALK!

If you're open to learning more about how our PAM (Personally Assisted Marketing) service works and, more important, whether it will work for you and your practice . . . let's talk.  No obligation.  

All I ask is that you bring an open mind and make a decision by the end of our call:  "Do you see a possible 'next step' between us?"  And, if you do, you tell me what it is and we will take it, together. Fair enough?

If you've read this far, I know you're committed to growing your relationships, referrals and revenues.  And that, is precisely what I do for my clients.  

Whether you're in a position to utilize my services,  systems and virtual marketing assistants to grow your business or practice . . . will be much clearer . . . to both of us . . . after we talk.

So, here's how I suggest we proceed:

  1. Call me . . . directly.  My direct number is: (860) 798-6964
  2. Schedule a time to talk through my online calendar . . . click here

BillDoerr+TitleI love helping clients grow their business and I'm really looking forward to:

1.  speaking with you, and

2.  helping you build relationships, referrals and revenues for your practice.




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