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The easiest way to generate more revenues is to do more work with your existing clients. Think about it.

The fact that someone has done business with you in the past is ‘proof positive’ they know know, like and trust you enough to do business with you.  That’s a ‘proven commodity’.

With the ‘Know, Like, Trust’ factors addressed, you’re ideally positioned to now:

  • re-sell a client on something they’ve needed from you in the past
  • up-sell them on a ‘better way’ to do something they’ve already done with you
  • cross-sell them a service their past services suggest they might benefit from using now

Sure, it’s easy.  It’s ‘low-hanging fruit’.  Yes, it’s a ‘No Brainer’.
So let me ask you a question, “why . . . are you not doing it more often?”

Existing clients are an asset. Wise practitioners treat them accordingly.