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How do you communicate the essence of your Mission to your market?  Your Message, of course!

Actually, there are many messages you can use to do that . . .

You’ve heard, I’m sure, about ‘Elevator’ pitches — the short, pithy ‘commercial’ you can use with a stranger to help them think you’re ‘All That’?  Well, that’s not the same ‘message’ I have in mind here.

Behavior Speaks Louder Than Words
There are messages and then there are messages.  I’d like you to think about this.  You want to find a way to be so clear about your Mission that your Market really understands why you’re a better provider of what you do than others in your field.

I worked with a remodeling contractor once.  He paid his workers to wash their trucks each night, paid for them to dryclean their uniforms (yeah, he gave them uniforms, too) and insisted that they always put on surgical booties before entering a home to do a proposal or actual work.

What do you think all that did?  It gave a lasting and memorable Message that this man cares about what his customers care about . . . their home!  Think you can find some ways to get your Message across without using a big neon sign?  I hope so!

Messaging isn’t always about words said or put on paper . . . Actions speak for themselves! 

A recent study provides evidence that marketing communications — especially advertisements — are less likely to affect prospects if the advertiser is relying on using FREQUENCY and REPETITION (some call it ‘saturation bombing’!) in their advertising.

A more potent factor has been identified that suggests a better way to ensure your marketing communications will reach and affect . . . your prospective clients, customers, patients, etc.

An article in MediaDailyNews reveals that frequent and repeated exposure to an ad may be an attention turn-OFF! The study also suggests that novelty may be a turn-ON — at least enough to get a reader, viewer, or listener willing to experience the message again.

Implication? The notion of ‘frequency’ and ‘repetition’ being the keys to earning the attention of your audience may not be as legitimate as it once was. But there is good news. Appealing to the inherently human desire for things that are novel — not funny, but unique and different — may be the best way to gain the ear, eye and Mind of those you would seek to sell.

Novelty in marketing communications . . . it GOOD for business — YOURS