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This week will be focused on five (5) keys to getting better at marketing the services you offer.

First up:  MISSION
Sure, it sounds like you’re about to launch off the deck of an aircraft carrier.  But sorry.  No. You’re not going to have to do anything like that.

What you will do, however, is find what is known as the ‘Beneficial Difference’ you make in the life of your client.

It’s WHAT you do ‘for’ someone and, it’s WHY they care to part with their hard-earned funds and hand them over to you.

One of the best ‘Missions’ I’ve ever heard:
You’ve probably heard the VP at Craftsman — the Sears subsidiary that argued, “We don’t sell hand-drills . . . we sell holes”  or the executives at Kodak that said, “We don’t sell film (well, not anymore!) . . . we sell memories”.

But the ‘top prize’ has to go to Helena Rubenstein, the cosmetics mogul who once was reported to say to a reporter, “I am not in the cosmetics business, dear . . . I’m in the “I want to get lucky on Saturday night’ business . . . and if I forget that, I won’t sell very many cosmetics!”

Mission . . . is the beneficial difference you make in the life of your client 

I’ve recently found a very cool site — fab.com. Fab is the brainchild of Jason Goldberg. I posted about him earlier in the week.


Clarity of Vision = Focus = Power
In marketing, it’s important to know what you stand for . . . as it helps you to stand out by standing up for something specific. Jason, as CEO and Founder of FAB.com has done this beautifully, IMHO.

FAB’s Focus . . . Design and Customer Experience
As you read the ‘Mission Statement’, it’s pretty clear that two terms come clearly to mind . . . DESIGN and CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.  This tight focus makes it easy for FAB’s management to make decisions — decisions that align with the audience of people who are FAB’s target market — people who appreciate both outstanding design as well as a good bargain.

Mission . . . drives how you operate and how you’re perceived by your target market