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Ever wondered what your prospect wants?

Ever get someone something ‘less than’ what they wanted for a holiday gift?

Was it because you simply did not take the time to learn what mattered to them? Regardless, once you blew it, you blew it.

Gift Giving for Your Prospects? (no, it’s not what you think!)
I’m not pitching anything.  But I will suggest that you give a very powerful and deeply appreciated ‘gift’ — your commitment to care enough to learn what matters to your prospective client.

We all have hopes and fears and dreams and . . . well, you get the idea.  Your prospects are people who have been frustrated at getting their dreams to become reality, their fears to go away and their hopes to have a chance in you-know-what of actually happening.

“Givers Get” — Ivan Meisner, Founder of BNI
Ivan’s advice to networkers is very true for you, too.  IF . . . you give a prospect your considered attention and sincere interest in learning what will make them happy, you’re likely to make a sale to make that happen.

Bonus Question:  “Why do you think I chose the image for this post?”  Do you really know . . . me?

Hopes, fears and dreams . . . all make the world go round and . . . the deals go down! 

WHO . . . do you want to attract to you?
The people who can best understand, value, desire and afford the beneficial difference your Mission suggests, of course!

You want people who “see themselves” as part of any group that resonates with your Mission.  So consider defining your NICHE around any of the following:

Industry –– e.g. banking, financial services, healthcare, etc.
Function –– e.g. accounting, IT, sales, marketing, HR, finance, manufacturing, etc.
Situation –– e.g. relocating executives, turn-arounds, new start-ups, etc.
Problem –– e.g. employee skill deficiency, inadequate sales and revenues, etc.
Trend –– e.g. social media, online marketing, tele-commuting, distance learning, etc.

Your MISSION suggests your MARKET.  Your MARKET validates your MISSION.

Knowing WHY you’re valuable, suggests WHO cares and WHERE you’ll find them