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Are you a self-employed:

    • Coach?
    • Consultant?
    • Professional Advisor?

Do you ever find it difficult to:

    • stay-in-touch with key people like prospects, clients, advocates and alliances?
    • remember to connect with people as often as you’d like?
    • write and send emails to people who are important to you?

Well . . . GOOD NEWS!

There is a way you can stay top-of-mind with people who are important to your success.  It’s called The Client Machine®.

It’s an online service that makes it easy for you to stay-in-touch and top-of-mind with key people for your business or professional practice . . . consistently and conscientiously . . . on regular and predictable basis.

Let’s face it. Staying-in-touch with people who can buy what you do and/or refer you to others who can . . . is important.  Fair?

The Problem Is . . .
If you don’t have (or, you don’t use) a SYSTEM for doing this, it’s not likely to happen on a regular basis. And, when you’re not regularly staying-in-touch . . . you’re less likely to come to mind whenever a need arises that you can address.

But that won’t happen with . . . The Client Machine® –– a 100% Done-For-You service that makes it simple, easy, and very affordable to stay-in-touch and top-of-mind with your prospects, clients, advocates and strategic alliances.

How It Works
You simply invite people you’d like to stay top-of-mind with to receive a brief, easy-to-read weekly email from you.  Each one contains links to fun, useful and interesting content.  That’s all you do.  Then . . .

Each week, The Client Machine®:

    • searches the Internet for ‘fun, useful and interesting’ content
    • creates a branded email for you with links to that content
    • sends your personally branded email to your opt-in recipients, and
    • reports back to you on who opened your email and clicked your links

If you’re a self-employed coach, consultant, or advisor you know how many of the people you meet in your daily travels will, sooner or later, develop a need for the service/s you offer.  BUT . . . if you’re not coming to mind when these times happen, you may not have an opportunity to be of service and, you won’t be converting your competence into compensation, either!

The Client Machine® makes sure you stay-in-touch and top-of-mind with your key people . . . AND . . . it offers you a:

Risk-Free-You-Must-Be Happy-Or-Your-Money-Back Guarantee
We’re so sure you’ll love the response and positive reactions of people who receive your weekly emails that we offer you a Risk-Free Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Use The Client Machine® for 4 full weeks.  If you don’t feel it’s helping you stay-in-touch and top-of-mind with your key people . . . BETTER than you are now . . . we’ll refund your money IN FULL.

The Client Machine® . . . makes staying-in-touch and top-of-mind simple, easy and very, very affordable.