The Client Machine® service is an email communication service that is 100% ‘Done-FOR-You’ . . . NOT by you!

Each week, The Client Machine® does the following four (4) things . . . FOR YOU:

1.  It Finds . . .
interesting, useful and FUN! (yes, we said ‘fun’!) links to content we find online . . . so you don’t have to!

The links connect your reader to content that appeals to both business people and consumers.

2.  It Prepares . . .
a personally-branded email, for you, with links to five (5) online items of interest to the people you’re cultivating a relationship with for your business or practice

3.  It Sends . . .
your personally-branded emails to your opted-in prospects, clients, advocates and strategic alliances

4.  It Reports . . .
who’s opening your emails, clicking the links and, most important . . . engaging with the brand called ‘Y-O-U’!

Staying-in-touch with people — who can BUY from and REFER others to you — means you’ll come to mind like candy from a PEZ® dispenser when they’re ready to buy what you do or, can refer someone they know who is.

If you’re not consistently RE-minding people that you’re ‘ready, willing and able’ to serve them . . . you probably won’t be seeing meaningful results from them, either!

The problem is . . . far too many solopreneurs — maybe even you — are not staying-in-touch with key people on a regular basis because they just don’t feel they have the time, money, skills, staff or a system to do it effectively and consistently!

Enter . . . The Client Machine®
This online service helps you stay-in-touch and top-of-mind with your key people on a regular basis . . . simply, easily and very affordably.

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The Reality

  • Revenue reflects your ability to market your problem-solving expertise and services
  • Marketing reflects the time, money, skills, staff and system available to you
  • Marketing is often a single, solitary event rather than a campaign of consistent, conscientious and coordinated actions

The Problem

  • You have limited time, money, expertise, and staff . . . to market your services as effectively and efficiently as you might like
  • As a result, your revenues may not reflect what your potential suggests
  • Absent sufficient resources for marketing, you may be “leaving money on the table” that should be in your bank account

The Ideal Solution

  • You want to keep-in-touch to stay top-of-mind with your prospects and clients
  • Must require minimal time, money, staff and expertise to use on a regular basis
  • Must generate meaningful (and, measurable!) response that leads directly to revenues
  • Must position you as a ‘preferred provider’ of your expertise and services

The Benefits

  • The Client Machine® is a 100% DONE-FOR-YOU service that helps you stay-in-touch and top-of-mind with people who can BUY the services you offer and REFER others to you who can, as well
  • The Client Machine® is an affordable marketing TOOL you can easily afford to use consistently and sustainably over time without breaking your budget
  • The Client Machine® is a ‘No Hassles’ way to deliver highly relevant, highly response-able messages to people who are best able to understand, value, desire and afford the services you offer — e.g.

Prospects . . .
People you believe will  but have not yet done business with you

Clients . . .
People who needed your services in the past and are likely to do so again, in the future

Advocates . . .
People who can influence others to buy from you and refer you to others who will

Strategic Alliances . . .
People in business who are willing to promote your services to their clients if you do the same for them with yours

Coming-To-Mind . . . When Your Service Is Needed . . . Is Your Goal

IF someone knows of you (awareness), likes you relative to your competitors offering similar services (preference) and trusts you (confidence) to do what you promise THEN WHEN — NOT IF — they (or, someone they know) develop a need for the benefits you offer, YOU will come to mind as THE  ‘preferred provider’ of your problem-solving expertise over your competitors.

THAT . . .  is why we developed The Client Machine®.  It’s a simple, easy and affordable way for you to keep-in-touch with key people for your business or practice.  If you make this service a part of your overall marketing plan, you’ll come to mind . . . whenever your services are needed by people who are ready to buy what you’re offering.

Bottom line . . . keeping-in-touch builds AWARENESS of you . . . PREFERENCE for you . . . and, CONFIDENCE in you. And THAT . . . keeps your competitors up at night!  😉


You really have two (2) options to use The Client Machine® to build relationships — depending on your needs. 

Option 1:  The BASIC version

This version does exactly what you’ve seen in the first video.  It helps you stay-in-touch with your prospects, clients, advocates (AKA ‘Raving Fans’) and strategic alliances in a regular manner that’s as professional, relevant and respectful as you are.

Option 2:  The PRO version

This version does everything the Basic version does . . . AND . . . it does a lot more for you, too.

With this version, we can deliver laser-focused messages of high relevance to selected recipients based on factors in their contact record. 

For example, assume the following facts:

1)  you’re a Veterinarian (DMV or VMD — you choose!)

2)  your practice treats ‘small animals’ such as dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.

3)  you’d like to be doing more dental prophy services (teeth cleanings) in the near future

Well, with The Client Machine® PRO version you can easily:

1)   identify which of your opt-in recipients are ‘dog’ owners who might be interested in having their dog live a long and healthy life by having their teeth cleaned periodically.

2)   select a date or, dates when you’d like to communicate that you have a message of relevance to these people . . . maybe the 2 weeks immediately before you want to be booking appointments to do more dental cleanings for canine companions.

3)   create a brief, tweet-like message that will be shown in your Monday Memo™ emails we’ll be sending out on your behalf . . . BUT . . . only your recipients who have ‘dog’ in their contact record . . . will be seeing this message. All other recipients will receive your regular Monday Memo™ email BUT . . . without this promotional message.

BUT WAIT . . . THERE’S MORE!   (Yeah, it’s cheesy.  But no Ginzu knife set –– promise!)

What if you (or, a Virtual Assistant we can introduce you to if you don’t have one) create a landing page where interested recipients can go to to take you up on the offer you’re making to clean their dogs teeth?

And, what if you put a link to your landing page in the laser-like message that only your ‘dog’ recipients are going to see?

Then, when they get to your landing page . . . they can click a button to get what you’re offering — maybe a special price for a dental prophy for dogs during the month of June.  See, membership does have its privileges!

Finally, what if all this engagement (behavior) is tracked and made available to you in a written, weekly report . . . so you know which of your opt-in recipients are engaging with the brand called Y-O-U?

WHAT . . . would that mean or do . . . for your business or practice?  Your revenues?  Your profits?

Well, all this is possible . . . with The Client Machine® PRO version.

If you’d like to learn more about this truly unique 100% Done-For-You service . . . either:

  1.  WATCH . . . the video/s above, and/or
  2.  CLICK . . . this link to schedule a call to learn more . . . and decide for yourself