The Reality 

  • Revenue reflects your ability to market your problem-solving expertise and services
  • Marketing reflects the time, money, skills, staff and system available to you
  • Marketing is often a single, solitary event rather than a campaign of consistent, conscientious and coordinated actions

The Problem

  • You have limited time, money, expertise, and staff . . . to market your services as effectively and efficiently as you might like
  • As a result, revenues may not be what you like and don’t reflect what your potential suggests
  • Absent sufficient resources for marketing, you may be “leaving money on the table” that should be in your bank account

The Solution

  • Must help you to keep-in-touch to stay top-of-mind with your prospects and clients
  • Must require minimal time, money, staff and expertise to use on a regular basis
  • Must generate meaningful (and, measurable!) response that leads directly to revenues
  • Must differentiate and position you as a ‘preferred provider’ of your expertise and services

The Benefits

  • The Client Machine® is a 100% DONE-FOR-YOU service that helps you stay-in-touch and top-of-mind with people who can BUY the services you offer and REFER others who can do so, as well
  • The Client Machine® is a marketing TOOL that salespeople and solopreneurs can afford to use consistently and sustainably over time without breaking their budget
  • The Client Machine® is a ‘No Hassles’ way to deliver highly relevant, highly response-able messages to people who are best able to understand, value, desire and afford the services you offer — e.g.

Prospects . . .
People you believe will  but have not yet done business with you

Clients . . .
People who needed your services in the past and are likely to do so again, in the future

Advocates . . .
People who can influence others to buy from you and refer you to others who will

Strategic Alliances . . .
People in business who are willing to promote your services to their clients if you do the same for them with yours

Building Your ‘Know, Like and Trust’ Factors

If you are a:

•  small business owner,

•  solopreneur, or

•  salesperson (or, any position that’s ‘revenue responsible’)

you know the importance of building relationships, generating referrals and growing your revenues.

But, that won’t happen unless you’re DOING the right things at the right times in the right way . . .

Marketing Sucks . . . Time . . . Out of Your Day

Running your business consumes an asset you never feel you have enough of — your time.

Each day, you’re supposed to ‘make time’ for marketing.  But, you have so many other things to do, right?

As a result, your ability to find time for marketing is a ‘zero-sum’ game — the more time you devote to marketing, the less time you have for other activities that are also important.

Your challenge is not to ignore the function of ‘marketing’, but to do it within the constraints of whatever time, money, energy, skills and staff you do have available to you.  Fair?

Coming-To-Mind . . . When Your Service Is Needed . . . Is Your Goal

When someone knows of you (awareness), likes you relative your competitors offering similar services (preference) and trusts you to do what you promise (confidence) then WHEN — NOT IF — they (or, someone they know) develop a need for the benefits you offer, YOU will come to mind as THE  ‘preferred provider’ of your problem-solving expertise over your competitors.

THAT . . .  is why we developed The Client Machine®.  It’s a simple, easy and affordable way for you to keep-in-touch with key people for your business or practice.  If you make this service a part of your overall marketing plan, you come to mind . . . whenever your services are needed.

Bottom line . . . keeping-in-touch builds AWARENESS of you . . . PREFERENCE for you . . . and, CONFIDENCE in you. And THAT . . . keeps your competitors up at night!  😉


Step 1:
You create your profile.
  This includes a nice photo (headshot) and your basic contact information.

Step 2:
You enter or upload contacts you want to keep-in-touch with
to build your awareness, preference and trust factors.

Step 3:
You invite these people to opt-in
to receive your personally-branded email

Step 4:
You’re DONE!  
Now, you sit back, relax and enjoy! ‘-)

Step 5:
Each week, we search and curate content from the web that is fun, interesting and/or useful.

Step 6:
Each week, we produce a personally branded email for to keep you top-of-mind with your key people

Step 7:
Each week, we put you in front of your key people using a unique email that your people will love — and you’ll have the open and click-through rates to prove it!

Step 8:
Each week, we report back to you about all activity your people take, in your online dashboard — i.e. who opened, clicked, etc. on ‘your’ unique content

Step 9:
Optional and extremely cool . . . If you wish, a brief tweet-like message can be added to selected recipients — to offer them something they’ll find highly relevant and response-able.  Plus, we track their response to your offers and advise you accordingly.

Step 10:
Each week, you leave the ‘heavy lifting’ to us —  knowing that keeping-in-touch and staying top-of-mind with your key people is happening automatically, regularly, meaningfully and measurably!


The Client Machine® is one tool that helps you get more clients and make more money.

It helps you stay top-of-mind with people who will, sooner or later, buy from you and/or refer others to you.

Because it’s so affordable and sustainable, it’s also one of the most cost-effective, done-for-you marketing services you can find.

If you’re interested, I’d like to cordially invite you to learn more about it by having a no-obligation conversation with me about this service, what it can do for you and how you can benefit from it. 

And here’s my ‘No BS’ Guarantee: I won’t ask you to buy anything during our call, and . . . we won’t have a second call on this topic . . . unless YOU wish.  Is that fair enough?