The Expert Directory™ is a private network of well-qualified experts in diverse fields who invite experts they know, like and trust to join them in order to exchange referrals, build goodwill for their brands and create meaningful value for their clients. 


If you’re an Expert, The Expert Directory™ empowers you to do three things . . . 

First, it helps people find you, through someone you both know, like and trust when they are most receptive to spending their hard-earned money on the kind of problem-solving services you offer.  This reduces resistance to doing business with you and significantly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing efforts.  Less time and more money.  Sound good to you?

Second, it builds goodwill for you by locating other experts you trust who are well-qualified to help your prospects, clients, advocates and alliance partners address challenges you either do not or prefer not to address.

Third, it leverages the power and prestige of key business relationships so you can do two things:

1.  connect with a lot more prospective clients than you are now, and

2.  stand out  in competitive situations because of the quantity and quality of experts you can offer your clients


The Expert Directory™ is but one element in a total system designed to help you get more clients and make more money.

It will help you strengthen your business relationships, build your referrals and grow your revenues.

If you’re interested, I’d like to cordially invite you to learn more about it by having a no-obligation conversation with me about this service, what it can do for you and how you’ll benefit from it.  And here’s my ‘No BS’ Guarantee: I won’t ask you to buy anything during our call, and . . . we won’t have a second call on this topic . . . unless YOU wish.  Is that fair enough?