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1.  QUANTITY . . . How Many People Are You Meeting?
If you do nothing more than see TWICE as many people as you’re seeing now about the kind of work you do, you’ll double your income.  This assumes, of course, you have the capacity to take on more clients and the work that suggests.  

2.  QUALITY . . . How Much, On Average, Are Clients Spending With You?
You probably know what a client will spend, on average, with you.  What if you were able to DOUBLE that number?  What if your A.C.T. average client transaction went from “$1,000” to “$2,000”?  

If you’re generating the same number of new opportunities with prospective clients as you are now — and close them just as efficiently as you are now — you’ll earn TWICE as much as you are now . . . right?

3.  EFFECTIVNESS . . . How Successful Are You at Getting a Decision?
This is about how well you help people make a decision to buy your  products, programs, and services.  If you DOUBLE your ‘decision getting ratio’, all other factors being equal, you’ll make TWICE as much as you are now. 

Please.  Let’s be clear here.  While any option above is logical.  NONE are practical.  Or, likely.

IN THEORY . . . it’s possible for you to:

  • DOUBLE the number of  as many people you see . . . as you are now.  But, is that likely?
  • DOUBLE the size of what a client spends with you . . . on every transaction.  But, is that likely?
  • DOUBLE the number of decisions that generate revenue . . . as you are now.  But, is that likely?

Here’s a more DO-able (viable) approach.  Improve each factor by just 25%.  E.G.

Growth Factor Chart

Box 1 is a reference for how you’re doing on all 3 factors, right now . . . it’s your BASELINE measure.

Box 2 shows the effect on your earnings if any ONE of these three factors is doubled.

Box 3 shows the synergistic effect on your earnings if you improve all three factors by 25% each.

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