Insight of The Day

Structure = Freedom

It seems ironic.  But it’s true.

If you want to enjoy freedom, you must embrace structure.

Craig Ballantyne, the Canadian coach with a lot of happy, super-achiever type clients shared this gem of an idea in his book, The Perfect Day Formula.

In life (and, business) having structure means choosing — and using — rules.  Craig points out that, “Creating structure  . . . by developing rules for your life — is one of the most important steps in becoming more productive and less stressed”.   I agree.

Cockpit with 2 pilotsWhile learning to fly (disclosure, old pilot here!) I learned how quickly ‘cockpit tasks’ can get out of hand and even, overwhelming.

Introducing ‘checklists’.  Pre-flight checklist . . . to make sure you don’t overlook something that could kill you in the air.  Landing checklist  . . . to avoid the embarrassment of doing something stupid — like forgeting to lower your landing gear “3 in the green?  Check!”  You get the idea.

Rules, and the structure that gives birth to them, give you freedom to focus on what isn’t routine and repetitive.  In other words, you can focus on what is truly ‘unique’ and demands your ‘best self’ to address.

Embrace structure as a way to create freedom in your life and success in your business.