Insight of The Day

You’re a Damned Risk!

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar companies, coaches, consultants and professional advisors are very different animals.  

The former have customers.  The latter have clients. But even that only hints at why and how we’re different.  

Every time we exchange our hard-earned money for something, we feel, believe and hope that what we’re getting will have more utility to us than the funds we’re giving up to get it.

The word ‘hope’ in the above paragraph is important because, even products and services are rarely ‘guaranteed’.  So in spite of everything, we must often ‘hope’ we get a decent value in the exchange of our funds for whatever product or service is involved.

advisor client talkingYet your coaching, consulting and advising is riskier than any product or service.  Why?  Because what makes you so valuable . . . also makes you a risk.  It’s you.  

You’re intrinsically a talented, experienced person.  At the same time, you’re an unknown.  Unless and until someone feels they can trust you to deliver the value they’re seeking, let’s face it, you’re a bit of a risk.  You might not deliver.  People might feel _______ ed over. I believe there’s a bumper-sticker about that: “_______ Happens!” 

We can’t eliminate all risks.  But since you’re the main reason why someone gets what they want and expect — or, doesn’t . . . learning how to promote yourself as a ‘safer’ bet than others in your field . . . and learning how to screen prospective clients so you don’t assume any avoidable ‘risks ’ yourself . . . will do a lot to help you grow your clientele and, your bottom line.

Manage the experience your prospects are having . . . to get them working with you.  Manage the experience your clients are having . . . to keep them with you.  Manage the experience your ‘raving fans’ are having . . . to keep them advocating for you.