Roses and Tiara

Will You Win The Roses and Tiara?

Executive Speed Read

Meeting with a new prospective client involves risk.
It’s either going to go well for you or, something else.
And ‘else’ ain’t usually too good!  

Fortunately, you can be seen as a ‘preferred’ provider of your services
if you know how to manage someone’s initial experience with you.

2 women meeting for lunchMeeting with a new prospect is a ‘make or break’ encounter, isn’t it?  

That’s because before any decision can be made to do business at all, someone has to decide if they want to do business . . . with YOU.

The challenge you’re facing is the same one that every intangible service provider faces.

You must create a first impression or ‘experience’ of you that convinces a prospective client that, all things being equal, you’re the coach, consultant or advisor they want to work with more than any one else in your field. 


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You’ll learn how to manage the impressions that form the perception of you that, all things being equal, you’re THE person they want to work with above all others!

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