What’s The Easiest Way To Sell
Your Intangible Service?

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Selling an intangible service — that reflects your problem-solving expertise  — is difficult for a prospective client to understand because the benefits you’re offering often can’t be enjoyed until some time in the future.

What’s the next best thing?  Your service package!  

It helps people to make a buying decision about your services faster and easier than if you don’t have and use one.


How do you know what you’re likely to get — as a result of engaging an intangible service provider?

How do you ‘test drive’ a coach, consultant or advisor before you hire them?  It’s not easy, is it?

There’s a lot of ‘trust me’ marketing in the world.  Promised benefits often fall short of what you actually get in the end.  

That’s because your challenge is the same one every intangible service provider is facing with new prospective clients.

Hiring an intangible service provider is risky.  You pay your money and pray to God . . . you’re making  the right decision.  That forces people who don’t know you to be justifiably wary about hiring you.

The solution?  Your service’s PACKAGE!

This is a document that describes the unique bundle or configuration of the services and expertise you’ll use to deliver the beneficial difference a prospective client wants in his or her life.

Since the actual benefits of your services may not be experienced for some time, the next best thing you can give someone who’s considering hiring you is . . . your (tangible!) service’s package.


Download the Guide . . . below.
You’ll learn how to build a service’s ‘package’ a prospective client can use today to make a decision to work with you knowing that if your package makes sense, your benefits are more likely to be enjoyed.

SR Package Your Service