Marketing an Expert Service Is Different

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A service based on the personality of the person behind the service
requires a different kind of marketing than a tangible product or service.
A tangible product or service is built around the USP of the product or service.
An intangible service focuses on building a quality relationship with the expert behind the service.

Years ago, my future wife and I stopped into the sleepy little fishing village of Rockport, MA just north of Boston on a day trip.  At one point, we stopped into the art studio / gallery of William Stilson.

We were admiring the artwork when a gentleman approached us with the usual, “If you folks have any questions, let me know”.  A little later, he returned.  “You know the technique used by Stilson?”  Actually, we didn’t.  The man told us about how Stilson had studied and revived an old technique of layering lacquer on top of lacquer over paint to create an amazing rendering of light on a painting. Stilson PaintingHe showed us how, by varying the lighting, the very same painting could appear to go from pre-dawn, to mid-day, to sunset.  We asked how he knew all this.  “I’ve known Bill Stilson my whole life”.  “Are you his brother or good friend?”  “Neither.  I’m Bill Stilson.”

We bought one of Mr. Stilson’s paintings that day and felt fortunate to have had the privilege to get to know him as the artist behind the work and to have one of his paintings in our home.

To be candid, there are many fine artists in the world.  Bill Stilson was one of them — he passed away in 2012.  But to my wife and I he was special to us because we connected with him that fall day in 1989.  And yes, we truly liked him.  Not unlike the way the fox and the Little Prince became special to one another in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella of the same name.

Becoming someone special to a special group of people who can best understand, value, desire and afford your services will make you a very happy and profitable individual


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